iGall generator - Image gallery generator

What is iGall??

iGall generator is a small remote application for creating standardized gallery, album or catalog. It is a web based tool supported by most of the modern browsers (tested on FF2+, Opera9+, IE6+). All you need is some place on internet, where are your pictures or photos stored. Unfortunatelly iGall generator doesn't provide with free space, but with free application only. For your convenience and possibility to modify created iGalls, you need to be registered.

How to create own iGall??

You don't need to be computer expert to set up iGall. Just copy path or URL (example: http://www.mydomain.net/mygallery/myfolder/preview/mypic.jpg) to your image(s) into form fields, add some title or description about them, and press one button. Using the basic skin, no further changes or options may bother you. First you'll see the generated example of how your own gallery will look like. If you like it, well take it and copy the code you'll get into your HTML code, on your personal or business website. If you don't like it or want to add more images, close the example view and continue as you did by now.

How to change basic settings of iGall??

However, if you desire custom design, there is possible to set completely different face. Just take a look on iGall schema.
Every iGall has two main visual sections. Scrollbar = scrolling area where you can see thumbnails of full size images, and full-size window = where the full size of image is displayed.

If you are not familiar with words as a "px" or "ms", the best advice we may give, is to try. After pressing the button "Generate gallery & code", you'll see the result of your experiment. You can always reset everything to default values either by typing the value in parenthesis or leave it blank.
In case of color names, you can use either color name (one of following : aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, silver, teal, white, and yellow) or click on link "pick color" and choose the color you feel best with.

How to insert source data & info??

The only two mandatory fields you have to know and fill, is your gallery/album/catalog title and path to images you want to show.

You can see, iGall is using two types (sizes) of images. Preview = thumbnail of actual image, and full-size. It is a good manner to resize your images, to fit into scrollbar. It is done automatically, but small preview images are saving your visitor's memory and speed up your gallery. If you have from any reason just one size of images, it is enough to fill in full-size URL. The preview images will be generated from them. As we said earlier, you need to have some images available online.You can also verify existence of all images by moving mouse over "check url" link.
By the way, there is a free and excellent tool for manipulation with pictures - "IrfranView", which you can download here. Another great and free tool "Picasa" from Google team (photo organizer, after-effects, sharing photos via e-mail, etc) can be downloaded here.

How to change advanced layout of iGall??

To understand this you need to have basic knowledge of CSS or the time to experiment. Every iGall has three main container sections : "top", "body" and "bottom". If you're going to change the skin of iGall, you might appreciate to know :

top container :

body container :

bottom container :

Technical background & support of iGall

Just for you, who wants to know more about the technical point of view. iGall is based on Web 2.0 technologies, such as Javascript (mostly), with support of PHP and MySQL DB. The transport data format used for iGall is JSON.
If you have some piquant iGall skin, you'd like to offer for public, or problems with iGall, feel free to write (but not too often) on igall(at)elpweb(dot)eu.
If you think about localisation into other languages, write short mail, and we'll contact you (password : utf-8).
If you wish to contribute financially, use Paypal donation. Thanks for that!

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